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4 Reasons You Should Be Taking CBD Before Morning Meditation

4 Reasons You Should Be Taking CBD Before Morning Meditation

The way you begin your day is important because it often paves the path for the day ahead of you. Many choose to begin their mornings with meditation, as it is an exercise of self-awareness that allows you to train your focus, increase your mental clarity, and renew your body and mind. Before you find that comfortable spot and drift off into your centeredness, you might want to think about taking CBD before you begin this exercise. There are actually similarities between the benefits of taking CBD and meditation.

  1. CBD can help reduce anxiety and calm your mind.

Meditation can be a daunting task, especially for those who haven’t attempted it before. It requires absolute focus and quieting of the mind. We hardly ever stop thinking throughout the day, so quieting all those thoughts is challenging, but for those with anxiety, it may even seem impossible. CBD Hemp Oil can provide a relief because it contains anxiolytic properties, which are often prescribed to help to rid you of anxiety and stress. Because a relaxed state will be easier to attain, meditation will come much easier to you so that you can cleanse your mind effectively and achieve self-awareness without being overwhelmed.

  1. CBD can help you ward off insomnia or restlessness.

Believe it or not, sleep and meditation are largely interconnected. If you do not experience a good night’s sleep, your ability to meditate may be challenged. Sleep is the time when your body rejuvenates and repairs itself, so if you are unable to achieve this, it may be significantly harder for you to clear your mind and meditate in the morning. CBD is able to facilitate better sleeping habits without being sedating. But be mindful, CBD actually promotes wakefulness, and is not a sleeping agent. However, there are a variety of reasons that CBD can actually help you modulate sleep, despite this. For those that suffer from a restless mind that refuses to let them fall asleep, because of its non-psychoactive properties CBD has been known to provide a calm that will allow you to put those thoughts to rest and sleep soundly. Or for those that have trouble sleeping because of inflammation, taking a CBD product will allow you to bring this inflammation down and improve your sleep. Better sleep, better meditation. Because it is calming and not sedating, it won’t make you feel fuzzy or drowsy once you wake up, either.

  1. CBD promotes wakefulness.

On the flip-side of helping you sleep, CBD also helps you wake up. CBD promotes wakefulness, so this can help you jump into your morning meditation without feeling groggy. As we previously stated, for those of you that have difficulty, CBD can help ease your mind into sleep, but it can also leave you feeling energized in the morning. Studies conducted on CBD conclude that CBD has a wakeful quality, and can even give you that energy-drink type boost when taken in the morning--but without the jitters. Because it is a non-psychoactive, it won’t make you feel like you’re bouncing off the walls, but instead provide you with a peaceful alertness perfect for meditation. So instead of helping yourself out of bed with an energy drink that’s loaded with sugar and artificial chemicals, try the natural solution instead.

  1. CBD can relieve soreness.

If you want to ease into your meditation bright and early, but are suffering from soreness, chances are it won’t be extremely successful. Many people wake up suffering from soreness from the day before, or even a consistent ache from an illness. CBD can be taken to relieve soreness from the day before, or prevent it for the day ahead, so that you wake up feeling ready to take on anything. If you are trying to meditate, you don’t want that pain to be pulling your attention in the back of your mind, so why not take an active counter-measure to be rid of this pain and ensure a solid meditational experience.

You may find it difficult to get up and get into your meditation routine for many reasons. But, the usage of CBD in the morning just may be the solution you need in order to start your day with clarity and ease. So find your meditation spot, get in a comfortable position, and clear your mind.

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