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CBD For Your Pet

CBD For Your Pet


For all the health difficulties we have trouble maintaining, you’ll notice many of our pets suffer from them too. They can experience joint or muscle pain, inflammation, or anxiety just like we can, and no one wants to see their pet suffering. Because CBD hemp oil has proven to be a valuable solution for humans, many are asking if can also be used as an alternative for their pets, too. Since CBD is an all-natural source, there is a low risk of side effects and a plethora of benefits. While most pets will surely find some benefit in taking CBD, dogs in particular may benefit from the repeated use of CBD hemp oil.


CBD may be a great addition for your dog’s dietary health and nutrition. Many dog foods these days actually contain many chemicals, GMOs, and pesticides, choosing to sacrifice health for taste using chemicals that have shown to be harmful. That’s not what you want for your furry friend, is it? Since CBD is a natural product that comes from the hemp plant, it holds less risks than these chemical alternatives. CBD hemp oil contains zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron, which all help to keep your pet’s body in tip-top shape.


CBD hemp oil also contains amino acids that are of great importance when it comes to maintaining optimum health. These amino acids cannot be naturally produced by your pet’s body, so they will only get it from what you choose to feed them or give them as a supplement. 


Aside from nutrition, studies have shown that CBD hemp oil can be a useful tool to boost your pet’s immune system and soothing some skin irritation issues that are commonly contracted by dogs, like canine eczema or rashes. CBD is anti-inflammatory, and helps to take care of these issues promptly. Additionally, CBD has been known to thicken and soften fur in dogs, similarly to how it promotes hair growth.


CBD is a non-psychoactive solution for anxiety also, so if you have an anxious pet you may be able to calm them to a normal state without setting them into a stupor or a high. You can provide your pet with the support to soothe them without putting them on a heavy medication and instead giving them a dose of this natural product.


While research is still being done on CBD since it oil is relatively new to scientific studies, there are currently no observed side effects. Make sure to consult a vet if you are thinking about adding CBD hemp oil to your pet’s daily diet! CBD should yield similar effects to your furry friend as it does to you, providing you with a better quality of life that is pain-free!

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  • Shannon Kaszuba
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