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Exercises and Stretches Made Better by CBD

Exercises and Stretches Made Better by CBD
Live Absolute CBD Hemp Oil Stretches

Moving your body is a simple but effective way to get that blood pumping and create a healthier lifestyle. Let CBD help you try out these exercises and stretches, and remove that fear or discomfort! Try using these stretches to start your day, or do them pre-workout. Taking your CBD Hemp Oil products before trying any of these exercises will also help to relieve any unfamiliar stress put on your body and diminish that post-workout soreness. So let’s get started!

Let’s start stretching.

Side Stretch

How-to: Stand up straight and reach above your head, with your left arm towards the right. Lean your body in the same direction. Hold for 10 seconds and switch sides.

What it works: Intercostal muscles between the ribs, lats, and external obliques.

What it will prep you for: Ab workouts

Seated Hamstring Stretch

How-to: Sit on the floor with one leg extended and a flexed foot. The other leg is bent inward. Lean forward at the hip and hold for 30 seconds. Switch legs.

What it works: Backs of thighs, hamstrings

What it will prep you for: Running

Seated Butterfly Stretch

How-to: Sit down with your legs in front of you in a diamond shape, feet together. Take hold of your feet and lean forward at the hips. Place your elbows inside your thighs and press outwards. Hold for 30 seconds.

What it works: Upper legs, inner thighs

What it will prep you for: Dance

Now get moving!


How-to: Stand with your feet a hip’s-width apart. Lower your body parallel to the floor, and push your hips back as you bend your knees and distribute your weight to your heels. Raise your arms out in front of you for balance.

Where you’ll see a difference: Quads and glutes

Side-Lying Leg Lifts

How-to: Lie on your side, with one arm underneath your head for support, and the other extended, palm down on the ground. Start with both legs extended. Raise your upper leg as high as you are able, then lower it to your starting position. Repeat this movement 15 times.

Where you’ll see a difference: Glutes and outer thighs


How-to: Begin on all fours. Extend your feet behind you to straighten, and balance on the balls of your toes. Position your hands in line with your shoulders. Engage your entire body and remain as straight as possible. Hold for 60 seconds.

Where you’ll see a difference: Abs

Anyone can do these exercises and start to see a healthy change in their body. The best part is, you can begin doing these stretches and exercises at any time! Oftentimes we don’t like to work out knowing that the aftermath may be painful, but the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD Hemp Oil will allow you to remain pain-free and produce better results! So get going!

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