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Let CBD Help You: Diabetes

Let CBD Help You: Diabetes


For those living with a crippling disease, sometimes the more traditional forms of treatment don’t suffice. Some may look to other methods outside their doctor’s recommended course of action for a solution that better fits their needs. It can be draining to try method after method and still feel as though nothing is working. When nothing else works, let CBD help you.

CBD hemp oil can be a savior for those that prefer a more natural source of relief, and there is strong anecdotal evidence paired with observational studies that support the belief that it can be beneficial for those afflicted with diabetes.

Preclinical studies show that CBD is inversely correlated with diabetes, and those that took a small amount of CBD daily were shown to have slowed down disease progression and eased symptoms. A study using mice also showed that the introduction of CBD was also a preventative measure against diabetes. An untreated control group of mice showed that 86% developed diabetes, while only 30% of the CBD-treated group did.

As we know, CBD hemp oil is an anti-inflammatory, which lends itself to the easing and treatment of side effects associated with diabetes, like heart function, cell growth, and nerve & arterial inflammation. Chronic inflammation is also a key component in developing insulin resistance, which ultimately leads to type 2 diabetes. By treating this inflammation with CBD, this will result in improving the body’s metabolism and the opportunity to prevent this form of diabetes.

The use of CBD may be beneficial for those dealing with the effects of diabetes and are looking to manage and improve them, or those who want a natural, safe way that they can take extra precaution against developing it.

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  • Austin Peterson
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