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Looking at CBD as a Solution for Seizures

Looking at CBD as a Solution for Seizures

CBD is quickly becoming a viable alternative for those looking to reduce, soothe or lessen the effects of seizures. Millions of Americans suffer from epilepsy, characterized by recurring, sometimes violent and debilitating seizures. Fortunately many are able to treat or lessen the effects with prescription medication. However, these options don’t always work for everyone. 


Seizures vary in intensity and duration — some experience short 10-second ones that feel like a skipping record, and some, particularly those with Dravet Syndrome, experience crippling, extremely frequent ones. These can often lead to cognitive impairment, behavioral disorders, and motor deficits, leaving it difficult for many victims to lead a ‘normal’ life. This is where CBD comes in to help.


Having exhausted all options and still not finding relief, and trying it as a last resort, many are finding CBD a surprisingly effective remedy. It is a more natural, holistic form of treatment, which is beneficial for those that seem to experience negative side effects from pharmaceuticals. Additionally, some prefer knowing the contents of what they are ingesting, and prefer a natural solution for that reason. 


More and more stories are appearing in the news about individuals — children in particular — that have experienced an extreme reduction in seizures by the introduction of CBD into their life.  Some simply don’t respond to medication but have seen differences upon taking CBD. Research says CBD acts as an anticonvulsant, and has been able to reduce the physical affects of a seizure as well. 


CBD has been able to bring the idea of normalcy back into the lives of so many that experience the negative effects of seizures on the daily. It stands as a signal of hope, that there are alternative methods out there that may not be traditional - but are life-changing nonetheless. 


CBD isn’t officially recognized as an answer to seizures as it is currently still being studied long-term, but there is substantial anecdotal and physical evidence to support that CBD is a helpful factor in the reduction of seizure frequency and duration. It currently has no visible side effects, either. We welcome you to conduct your own research, but CBD has been found to be all-around beneficial in the case of seizures.

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  • Shannon Kaszuba
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