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Understanding Spoon Theory

Understanding Spoon Theory



Many of those afflicted with a debilitating disease often find it difficult to convey what life is like to those who have never had to deal with such a thing. You can try to explain that you’re constantly tired, or constantly in pain, but it doesn’t pack the same punch that actually living with it feels like.

Spoon Theory was created by Christine Miserandino, who was living with Lupus and a number of other diseases. When asked, “how does it feel?” she came up with a metaphor on the spot that perfectly described what her daily life was like, and hundreds of thousands of others have since been able to identify with it.

Spoon Theory indicates anyone living with a crippling disability has a limited amount of “spoons”, or energy, they have to expend throughout the day. The person, referred to as a “spoonie” has to delegate how many spoons they want to use for their necessary daily tasks without using them all up. Things like getting out of bed, showering, making a meal, are all things that require multiple “spoons”, or more energy. This mental concept is made physical by assigning an object to represent energy. The mindset is that a healthy person essentially has unlimited energy, and doesn’t have to think about simple things like getting out of bed as energy-draining, which makes it harder for them to understand what a spoonie’s life is like.

A spoonie has to carefully decide what to expend their energy on throughout the day in order to not become too fatigued, or be overcome with pain. The only way to replenish your spoons is to rest. This means that those living with a chronic illness must carefully plan their day around conserving their spoons in the most efficient way. Activities take far more energy out of a chronically ill person than a healthy person, and that’s what these spoons represent — the limiting factors of performing these simple or mundane tasks.

Many call these diseases “invisible diseases” because they don’t always give off the appearance of being unwell. You don’t wear a cast or a splint. But the spoon theory has given comfort to those living with a chronic illness, and “spoonie” has become a binding word that has created solidarity between sick people.

CBD has been known to be a solution for symptoms of these same debilitating illnesses. A daily dose of CBD could be what you need to add an additional number of spoons to your life, or remove something that diminishes your spoons. Spoonies face many challenges on the daily, with energy being used just to move from bed. Let CBD help you face your day with more spoons at your disposal.

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