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Finding the Right Yoga Studio: Where to Start


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Just like any membership, the first things to consider are the location and price. If you find the fanciest yoga studio with a world-class instructor that’s 50 miles away and costs a fortune, you won’t end up going, so what’s the point? Consider how far you’re willing to travel and spend upfront so that you can narrow down your choices and go into the process knowing there’s no excuse for skipping a class.

Next, consider how involved you want to be. This means, ask yourself if you’re strictly looking for a get in and get out class or something more involved and social that offers other services such as meditation and nutrition. Along with this, you should also decide if you’re just seeking the physical aspect of yoga or if you want there to be a spiritual level to the class as well.

Once you have these squared away and you still have room for other considerations, look up different yoga styles you may be looking for. “Hatha” yoga might be for those solely looking for the physical part to yoga with a more modern approach. Bikram yoga is for those who want to very literally turn up the heat as this takes place in a sauna type of room. Or maybe you’re looking for yoga poses to help expecting mothers, then try out prenatal yoga!

The best way to go through the process of finding the right place is searching for a map of yoga studios within a reasonable commuting distance and take a trip there to get an idea of what specific yoga is offered, what else is included in membership, and hopefully be able to sample the class to see if you feel comfortable and can connect with the instructor, and see if you like the yoga style – who knew you would like kundalini yoga so much?!

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