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5 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

5 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day
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Yoga is a great way to wake up your mind and body first thing in the morning, and one of the stepping stones to living a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle. Yoga aids in strengthening, stretching, and sculpting your body, but also has the ability to soothe your mind and put you in a better mood.

Here are 5 yoga poses you can utilize to start your day off in a positive way!

Downward Dog

Step one: Begin on your hands and knees and bring your hands slightly forward of your shoulders.

Step two: Exhale and press the floor away from you, lift your hips back to push yourself into an upside down v-position.

Step three: Lengthen your spine by lifting your hips, and straighten your legs. Take the tops of your thighs and knees back. Press and hold for 30 seconds.

Warrior II

Step one: Start with your feet spread wider than hip-width. Turn your right foot slightly to the right and your left foot 90 degrees to the left. Align your left heel with your right heel.

Step two: Exhale and bend your left knee over your left ankle so that your thigh is almost parallel to the ground. Strengthen your right knee and press firmly into the floor.

Step three: Stretch your arms directly out over your shoulders, parallel to the floor, and press your tailbone inward. Turn your head to the left and look over your fingers. Hold for 30 seconds.


Step one: Start in downward dog. Raise your right leg extended away from you, then pull it it in by the knee, angling your right shin under your torso, and bringing your right foot up to your left hand. The outside of your right shin should now be firmly on the ground.

Step two: Slide your left leg straight behind you and let the top of your foot rest on the floor. Be sure your left thigh is rotated inward.

Step three: Place each hand on either side of your hips and press your tailbone down to lengthen your spine. Hold for 30 seconds.

Child’s Pose

Step one: Start by kneeling with your feet a hip’s width apart. Exhale and bring your chest down onto your thighs, and your forehead to the floor.

Step two: Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of your pelvis.

Step three: Lay your hands on the floor, forward, away from your body. Rest in this pose for 30 seconds.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Step one: Start by standing straight upward. Bend forward so that your hands may now touch the floor.

Step two: Walk your feet towards your hands and let your upper body hang. Your knees may be bent.

Step three: Inhale and lengthen your spine. At this time you may straighten your legs and may wrap your hands to hold your ankles. Hold for 30 seconds.

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